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Ukraine’s new middle ground

Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich is plotting a new institutional course for his country: steering toward EU membership but away from NATO. Interestingly, Yanukovich has also resisted joining the Moscow-dominated Collective Security Treaty Organization. Advertisements

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Piracy meets austerity

Portugal is reportedly bowing out of this year’s NATO naval operations off the coast of Somalia. Budget tightening is to blame.

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Multilateral minutes

Moscow warns against bypassing the Security Council on Iran–and awaits Lula’s arrival to discuss possible compromises. The European Union warily greets David Cameron. More rumors that Gordon Brown might covet an IMF job. ASEAN is nervous about the crisis in … Continue reading

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Resume burnishing, NATO-style

Want to bolster your credentials for NATO membership? Sending 750 troops to Helmand province can’t hurt.

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Caveats and combat in northern Afghanistan

For years, there has been low-level tension between the NATO countries whose troops were engaged in active combat in Afghanistan–including the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands–and those, like Germany, who insisted that their troops stay out of harm’s way. Now, with the insurgency … Continue reading

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A road-MAP for Bosnia

In FP, Wesley Clark and Louise Arbour–no strangers to Bosnia’s troubles–endorse NATO’s recent decision to offer Bosnia a Membership Action Plan. They key is the psychological effect, they argue. A closer link to NATO can help build up this common sense … Continue reading

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Trainers on time?

U.S. frustration at Europe’s sluggish response on trainers for Afghanistan. The Pentagon is sending 800 more American soldiers to Afghanistan in the coming weeks to work as trainers for the Afghan security forces. The contingent is needed because other NATO … Continue reading

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