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Multilateral minutes

Moscow warns against bypassing the Security Council on Iran–and awaits Lula’s arrival to discuss possible compromises. The European Union warily greets David Cameron. More rumors that Gordon Brown might covet an IMF job. ASEAN is nervous about the crisis in … Continue reading

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Who’s driving the IMF?

The Greece crisis has been an interesting test for the much celebrated shift from the G7 to the G20 as the world’s economic steering group. For decades, meetings of key G7 officials determined the Fund’s policy. Now, we are told, … Continue reading

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Waiting for a European Monetary Fund

At the FT‘s Brusselsblog, Tony Barber comments on the long, long wait for a European Monetary Fund–and the formidable obstacles still in its path. [It] is inconceivable that an institution resembling the International Monetary Fund, with all the powerful instruments at its disposal which … Continue reading

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Capital control controversy

A new report by Kevin Gallagher makes the case for creating more legal space for capital controls. Gallagher also argued recently that, after showing hints of flexibility on the issue, the IMF has now essentially punted.

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