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The fight over aggression

In less than a week, hundreds of diplomats and activists will gather in Kampala, Uganda to review the first decade of the International Criminal Court‘s existence. There are a few amendments to the Rome Statute on the table, but by … Continue reading

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Multilateral minutes

Moscow warns against bypassing the Security Council on Iran–and awaits Lula’s arrival to discuss possible compromises. The European Union warily greets David Cameron. More rumors that Gordon Brown might covet an IMF job. ASEAN is nervous about the crisis in … Continue reading

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The ICC picking up Garzon?

It is being reported  in several outlets that the beleaguered Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon–who is under investigation by the Spanish judicial authorities–has been offered a post as a consultant with the International Criminal Court. If true, this is very surprising. The complaints against Garzon … Continue reading

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Ocampo in Kenya

The ICC prosecutor has landed in Kenya–site of the court’s newest formal investigation–and is pledging to meet with all those who have relevant information. As he has for months, Ocampo stressed that avoiding a recurrence of violence in the 2012 election cycle … Continue reading

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The prosecutor as puppet

Via Al Jazeera.

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Bashir in Egypt

Sudan’s President Bashir, reveling in his electoral triumph, visits Egypt and is greeted by President Hosni Mubarak. Egypt is not a state party to the International Criminal Court. The visit was widely seen as a symbolic gesture, a meeting of long-time allies.  Both … Continue reading

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Why Join the ICC?

In the latest issue of International Organization, Beth Simmons and Allison Danner examine the puzzle of why states join the International Criminal Court and thereby surrender some control over domestic prosecutions. In particular, they focus on the oddity that both peaceful, high “rule-of-law” … Continue reading

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