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The sanctions vote: a victory for the establishment

The Security Council has at long last voted on the next round of Iran sanctions. The final tally was 12-2 in favor (with Lebanon abstaining and Brazil and Turkey opposed). The Obama administration is emphasizing the severity of the measures, although it seems … Continue reading

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NATO belt-tightening

Could budget cuts fracture NATO in a way that the Soviets never could? Washington is nervous that spending cuts in Europe might aggravate the already substantial gap between the U.S. and its alliance partners in terms of military capabilities and, more … Continue reading

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Ukraine’s new middle ground

Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich is plotting a new institutional course for his country: steering toward EU membership but away from NATO. Interestingly, Yanukovich has also resisted joining the Moscow-dominated Collective Security Treaty Organization.

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The Flotilla in the Council

Colum Lynch reports that Turkey is pressing for a Security Council statement on the Israeli commando raid on a flotilla headed for Gaza. The issue comes at a delicate moment for U.S. diplomats, as they attempt to forge Council consensus … Continue reading

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