Multilateral Minutes

South Korea will ask the Security Council to deal with the sinking of its ship.

Treasury Secretary Geithner talks Europe with China. He’s scheduled to leave Beijing shortly for meetings in London, Berlin, and Frankfurt.

Martin Walker broods: “Either the eurozone now integrates and becomes a federal state like the United States and under German economic management, or it collapses…”

Iran warns that the Brazil and Turkey-brokered fuel deal is off if the Security Council imposes new sanctions.

Germany’s ban on short-selling could violate WTO rules.

Did China suppress an IMF staff report on manipulation of the yuan?


About David Bosco

Assistant Professor at American University's School of International Service. Contributing editor at Foreign Policy magazine. Author of Rough Justice: The International Criminal Court in a World of Power Politics and Five to Rule Them All: The UN Security Council and the Making of the Modern World
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