Ocampo in Kenya

The ICC prosecutor has landed in Kenya–site of the court’s newest formal investigation–and is pledging to meet with all those who have relevant information. As he has for months, Ocampo stressed that avoiding a recurrence of violence in the 2012 election cycle is a key goal.

The whole international community is with the Kenyans.  All Kenyans must come together and use the law and justice as a basis for their common future. The common goal is to ensure there is no repeat of violence in the 2012 elections.
Ocampo has made the prevention of future atrocities a key theme during his tenure as ICC prosecutor. We normally think of prosecutors as essentially backwards-looking, but Ocampo has insisted that the ICC can be a powerful force for prevention. More on this theme soon…



About David Bosco

Assistant Professor at American University's School of International Service. Contributing editor at Foreign Policy magazine. Author of Rough Justice: The International Criminal Court in a World of Power Politics and Five to Rule Them All: The UN Security Council and the Making of the Modern World
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